What We Do

The Okri Property Show (TOPS) is there to educate inves-tors or First Time Buyers. The Show also seeks to expose the last remaining secret of wealth creation through property investments.


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Our Work

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Who We Are

After spending over 10 years as a lawyer and as a Property Invest-ment Strategist, Godwin Okri is now moving into TV presenting. Mr Okri, who is CEO of Menvo Limited, a property consultancy firm, says that he was ap-proached by BEN TV to create a property investment show. The Okri Property Show (TOPS) was created primarily to educate and create investment awareness to the British public.

Why Invest in Property

The benefits of holding real estate are well established. The asset class offers diversification benefits alongside equities and bonds and has historically delivered returns with relatively low levels of volatility. These returns are founded upon the
generation of rental income.read-more-button1

Where to Invest

When it comes to property investment, location is an important factor to take into account. It is fundamental, since you want to invest in an area with low priced property in an area vested with good economic and employment prospects.


When to Invest

The timing of your property investment is of paramount importance. Economic and local property market, inflation, interest rates and consumer confidence index are some of the factors that determine your timely fashion. In so doing, the timing of your purchase makes a veritable difference.


What to Invest In

Pending on your current circumstances and your future determination, you have a choice. The choices include the following- residential houses/flats, student accommodations, holiday let, care homes, HMOs


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