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After spending over 10 years as a lawyer and as a Property Invest-ment Strategist, Godwin Okri is now moving into TV presenting.

Mr Okri, who is CEO of Menvo Limited, a property consultancy firm, says that he was approached by BEN TV to create a property investment show. The Okri Property Show (TOPS) was created primarily to educate and create investment awareness to the British public.

Godwin Okri – Expert Presenter

godwin-1200-x-900“As a Property Investment Strategist, I have seen a lot of my clients make money by investing sensibly. The Property market offers great opportunity to make money. However, if an investor fails to invest wisely, there is the danger of repossession or bankruptcy. The Okri Property Show (TOPS) is there to educate investors or First Time Buyers. The Show also seeks to expose the last remaining secret of wealth creation through property in-vestments.”

In May 2009, the Mirror pub-lished an article that Mr Okri was living in a detached house with swimming pool. Mr Okri said: “I read the article. It is not true that my property has a swimming pool. Perhaps the journalist is wishing me well”


Godwin Okri is from a famous family; his brother, Ben Okri won the Booker Prize for Litera-ture and was awarded MBE. Natalie Okri, Godwin’s daughter, was semi-finalist of the 2008 Britain has Got Talent competi-tion. Mike Okri is an R & B sing-er in the USA.

Mr Okri said: “I do not let the fact that I am from this family affect my purposing for living. I believe that everyone is equal and should strive for success, with or without a famous sur-name.”

Godwin’s book ‘Investing in Property with Strategy” was published in July 2015 primarily to show that there is a science to investment. Godwin said: “My book is a unique book in the market. It is the only book in the market linking science with property investment. The book avers that physics should not be the preserve of scientist alone. There are principles in physics which lend themselves to the property investor.

The mystery is that property investment has scientific connection. I am confi-dent that because of my experi-ence in the property market, the viewers of the new show would enjoy the show. It will be stimu-lating, entertaining and educative.”

Lola Bolarinwa – Co-Presenter

Lolo - The Okri Property ShowAn experienced professional with over ten years of experience providing a full range of Support and Training services to clients of different levels and backgrounds within Information Technology, Change Management, Advisory Services and Finance.
Known as a volume producer who readily adapts to changing priorities, always willing to learn and work as part of a team with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, with a flexible approach and determination. I am always willing to learn and improve myself.

Born in Loughborough, a computer science graduate from Coventry university. I also have a passion for the media and entertainment industry propelling me to start an events management and media company which presents the opportunity to develop my creative skills. I have organised various events both corporate and social.
Previously part of the production team for a weekly news (NWTV), host, presenter and conducting red carpet interviews for various events.

Born in Loughborough, a computer science graduate from Coventry university. I also have a passion for the media and entertainment industry. I currently play the guitar and interested in learning some more instruments.
I am a reliable and positive person who is always ready for a challenge and willing to learn.

Rita Laher – Co-Presenter

rita-1200-x-900A LADY ON A MISSION
Rita is a highly motivated inspirational speaker with a valued Gaming background, who boasts excellent interpersonal skills and customer service.

A very ambitious team player, driven by the desire to succeed in the property market. An aspiring entrepreneur and a land lady with 10 years experience.

She has an extensive social network and takes a keen interest in charitable causes. Her hobbies and past times include dance, travel, recreational sport and art.

Susie Retty – Co-Presenter

Susie has occupied a wide range of positions at a professional level, including the following positions:

IT Professional

Social Worker

Show Presenter

She currently runs a popular show Susie Retty Live Show.




Florence Tucker – Co-Presenter

A talented scriptwriter, Florence's tenacity is second to non, clearly demonstrated with her track record as briefly outlined below.  She is involved in a increasing number of shows and production

to include film productions.  The roles occupied include the following:



Script editor

Production Manager


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