The Okri Property Show (TOPS):

The TV show was originally birthed in the UK following the publication of Godwin Okri’s book “Investing in property with strategy” which was a best seller. The success of the book exhibited the extent of the need for insights and information in the property market in general and particularly amongst first-time buyers.

Godwin Okri has a great affinity with Nigeria, being the country of his origins. Having built up a successful property advisory business in the UK, USA and South Africa, he started to look seriously at the Nigerian market during his frequent visits here.

What struck him about the Nigerian property market was the huge imbalance between the need for housing and its accessibility to the general population, be that because of price, limited access to funding and other factors. This was the motivation to launch The Okri Property Show (TOPS) in Nigeria which will begin its first season on air in January 2020.

The aim of TOPS is to examine all aspects of the property market in Nigeria with many references to other world markets. The Show seeks to disseminate information on the Nigerian property market and to educate first time buyers, as well as to provide a fresh perspective to seasoned investors and developers, on key current investment issues and suggest strategies that can make a difference.
Each episode is specifically designed to address a set of core issues in the property market. We will also look at overseas markets as a yardstick to measure against the Nigerian market.

Why is this TV show unique?

The Okri Property Show combines news with a talk-show in each episode. It’s the first of its kind for Nigeria. The show will cover a variety of relevant and important topics from location to architecture, interior design and construction to mortgages, loans and savings strategies.

The show’s first season starts in January 2020 and will be aired weekly on the TVC News Channel for 13 weeks.