Producer and Presenter

Godwin is a property investment strategist with 16 years’ experience as a property investor and in the UK, USA and South Africa. He was formerly a lawyer representing banks repossessing properties in the Courts in England and Wales. He frequently writes articles on property investment strategy and is a popular speaker on the global conference circuit. Godwin is also a certified Realtor in Florida State, USA.

Godwin is the author of the book ‘Investing in Property with Strategy’, which has sold numerous copies in the UK.

He operates as a private property advisor through his firm Menvo Homes Ltd with offices in London and Lagos. He may be contacted directly via the CONTACT US section on this website.

The Presenters

The TOPS team in Nigeria

TOPS has its own Production Studio in Lagos coupled with a strong, experienced production and back-office team.

It has a youthful marketing group on board to promote our program and reach out to the community of potential viewers through social media, digital platforms, and traditional promotional events, etc.

We have a superb team of high-energy Presenters on the show, which we’re proud to introduce to you here.